What We Do?

TMA is a multi-disciplined practice that offers fully integrated professional interior and exterior design and construction services for a broad range of markets. From strategic planning, design and engineering, to project management and construction of corporate and commercial spaces throughout the Asia-Pacific region, it is our commitment to excellence in design and project services that enable us to successfully provide every client with a comprehensive solution and an appropriate design.

Interior Design

TMA provides a wide range of design services. Our designers work collaboratively with clients to professionally combine their visions, goals and images with a unique point of view and strong communication skill set.

Pre-Leasing Services

To perform a complimentary pre-leasing evaluation and building analysis for each of your top potential spaces choices.

Functional Analysis

To deliver our professional design and construction services to customize clients’ potential functional requirements

Concept Design

To create initial conceptual design that follows closely of clients’ company image

Design Development

To integrate all the practical needs into a broad, practical design

Modification & Tracking

To update the design throughout the whole construction process

Client Service

At TMA, a team of account managers with multi-cultural backgrounds serves as the link to communicate with clients, design consultants, project management companies and building management offices. We will provide after sales services and follow up after project completion. The feedback from our end users is a valuable asset to our development.
TMA also has specialists handling communication with all local authorities regarding submissions and getting approvals.

Construction Service

TMA provides integrated construction and engineering services. Our project team composes a group of project experts, technicians, skillful workers and multi-cultural staff. We ensure that each project is appropriately executed according to plan and delivered on schedule within the budget. Our own factory, located in Shanghai, assists us in providing high quality, cost effective fitting out products. TMA also leads and communicates with all nominated subcontractors.

Quantity Survey & Procurement

In accordance with our clients’ values and priorities, TMA provides completed price estimations and appropriate suggestions at all project phases. We have a sourcing team helping to find the high quality and cost effective materials to suit different functional requirements of design. It helps our client to control the cost but achieving highest performance. We constantly update all qualified suppliers through active research on the rapidly growing and ever changing decoration materials market in China. TMA’s corporate status benefits our clients with bargaining advantages.

Project Management

TMA’s experienced project management team forms a highly efficient and effective liaison platform between landlord, designers, consultants, vendors, contractors and suppliers. The platform can bring out the development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various participants. We will oversee the project from start to finish and perform a key role in project planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed. The project manager will monitor the progress of the construction activities on a regular basis and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams.

Facility Maintenance

TMA will offer an extensive maintenance services program to our clients after the completion of the project. During the warranty period, we provide free-of-charge services to any defect on materials, equipment and workmanship we delivered. In addition, we can perform regular and routine checks according to client request. We will respond to urgent service calls within 4 hours, and regular response time is 24 hours including weekends and holidays. TMA is also open to any warranty extension if needed. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to the end user.